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  • A type of energy efficient ball mill
    publish time2013-12-10

     A Cement Ball Mill is the equipment used to grind the hard, nodular clinker from the Cement Kiln into the fine grey powder that is cement. Most cement is currently ground in Ball Mills.The Cement Mills on a cement plant are usually sized for a clinker consumption considerably greater than the output of the plant's kilns


    Adding the dispersant can raise the ball mill efficiency by some extent.

    Electric currency

    For ball mill, boosting current can raise the rotating speed which will improve the ball mill efficiency in turn. But we should make sure the boosting current is within the power rating rang. The over-strong current will burn the ball mill.


    How to match the sphere diameter is also very important. Make it of various shapes so that the ore in the mill intracavity with big ones and small ones together can be milled fully. Thus the ball mill efficiency can be raised.

    Raw material ingredients

    Only choose the proper ingredient can improve the ball’s strength and weight, thus enhance its inertial property, and finally raise the ball mill efficiency.

    In order to overcome the uncertainty of model parameters and disturbance of system, robust control algorithm for ball mill system is researched. For the load control loop, based on the difference pressure control loop, the fill level control loop is imported. By choosing proper weighting function, a cascade robust control algorithm is proposed based on H, mixed sensitivity theory. For the coupling loop of inlet negative press and outlet temperature, the decoupling problem and mixed sensitivity problem design is combined. An H robust decoupling algorithm is proposed. As a leading enterprise of mining machinery manufacturer of China, our company has strong technical force and powerful production capacity and can produce aggregate crushing, cement equipments, chute feeder, compound cone crusher, flotation machine, etc.

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