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  • The brief introduction of cement ball mill
    publish time2013-12-10

    There are many diffrrences between Cement Ball Mill and Ceramic Ball Mill.In hongxing the Cement Mill is a continuous mill, liner material is cast steel, cast steel grinding media is; Ceramic Ball Mill is typically used intermittently, linings made of white fused alumina bricks, grinding media for the white fused alumina ball ceramic ball mill's construction: Ceramic Ball mainly gear, tube equipment, feeding equipment, unloading equipment and electrical control devices and other components. Ceramic Ball load capacity, power consumption is also a great need, therefore Ceramic Ball usually 1 to 2 units a few hundred kilowatts of power motor driven by hydraulic coupling Hardened gear reducer, and then by a and so on the drive gear or pulley rotating cylinder to achieve the role of abrasive materials. The working principle of ball mill from the feeding part, discharging Department, Rotary Department, Transmission Division (reducer, small transmission gear, motors, electrical control) and other major components. Ceramic industry has a horizontal tube, tube was plate (there are many small hole drilling of circular plate - sieve) into 3 or 4 grinding chamber, each of the grinding chamber for grinding with a certain body shape and size , cylinder rotates, the material and grinding bodies such as the friction and cylinder under the action of centrifugal force to upgrade to a certain height, and then under the action of gravity along the parabolic trajectory similar to the impact and grinding down to the bottom of the tube to another part of the material, and produce a certain axial movement which makes the material grinding and mixing.

    Type ball mill. The ball mill is made from feeding department, discharging department, rotary department, reduction gear, small transmission gear motor, and electronic control. Hollow shaft adopts steel castings inside; rotary gear wheel adopts hobbing to process its rotary and process wear-resisting board. By this, the gear has abrasion performance, and works smoothly.

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