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  • The characteristics analysis of flotation machine
    publish time2013-12-06

     There are as many as dozens of flotation machine at home and abroad, the classification method is not consistent, mine flotation machine according to different work principleare divided into four types that include Mechanical flotation machine, inflatable agitated flotation machine, inflatable flotation machine, gas precipitation flotation machine.Here are the details:

    Aeration and mixing of the pulp are achieved by mechanical stirrer,which belongs to outside air self-priming flotation.Its inflatable mixer is similar with the pumping characteristics of the pump,so it can absorb air and pulp itself. Flotation machine must ensure that a sufficient amount of air inhaled pulp (some flotation machine is pressed into the outside air pressure fan) and try to diffuse throughout the tank. Because the more detailed the more uniform dispersion of air, mineral particles in contact with the gas full opportunity to the more efficient flotation the rates also higher.

    Its characteristics are:First, 18 to 20 guide vanes is installed on the cover.Second, the impeller, cover, vertical axis, the intake pipe, bearings, pulleys and other components assemble into a whole.Third, a circle of vertical fin plates are installed in around the trough to prevent a swirl of slurry. Flotation confidential to ensure good mixing of the role of pulp, so that precipitation of mineral particles in suspension Buzhi Yu and can be evenly distributed in the tank, while promoting the dissolution of some insoluble pharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and mineral particles in order to facilitate a full role .

    Its characteristics are:1, the amount of inflation is easy to regulate separately; 2,decrease the abrasion of mechanical stirrer; 3, the opting indicator is better; 4,a lower consumption of power. 5, larger inflation; 6, a upwelling of slurry form.

    Its characteristics are:1,without mechanical stirrer and transmission parts,its structure is simple,which makes maintenance and operation easily.2,the size of inflation bubble is adjust by the structure of inflator; 3, bubbles is mixed with the countercurrent pulp.

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