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As a leading casket manufacturer in China, our company specializes in the funeral production of wood caskets, wood coffin, steel caskets, stainless casket, cremation urns and so on. We have experienced in this field for many years. We strictly abide by the principle of Customer First and Quality First. In order to meet the demands of people from different countries, regions, and religions, we can manufacture the mode according to their own samples, pictures and designs. Also we can deal with the paint on the caskets variously according to the demands of our customers. So our products cover all over the world, and especially are very popular in Americathe and Europe .
we have not only professional designers but also the perfect system of management. The main materials are all kinds of timber: poplar, ash, oak, cherry, mahogany, maple, pine, etc, and metal: copper, bronze, steel ,stainless and so on. Besides of the exquisite and elegant appearance, our products have the complete internal structure. We use fabric of top grade to decorate the inner part.(velvet, satin, crepe, silk and so on ). Moreover, a suit of quilt and pillow will be put in the caskets.

Our team is working with the goal of "loyalty, high efficiency and perfection". We sincerely hope that through our considerate and wholehearted effort, we could be importers' or distributors' first choice for long term business partner.

You are warmly welcome to contact us for more information about our products and services, and we look forward to your kind enquires in the near future.

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Location: Shanghai·
Address: 10th Group, Haiqiao Village, Hangtou Town, Shanghai
Contact person: Charles Hong
TEL +86-13998898981
Website: http://www.gc-pharm.com/uhome-306
Register Date: 2010-03-23
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