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    Siwarde is a professional manufacturer of rubber compression molding machine.It’s located in Dongguan,close to Shenzhen.We also produce rubber injection molding machine,LSR injection molding machine,vacuum compression molding machine,IMD molding machine,two roll mill machine,dispersion kneader. We have more than 15 years experience in this industry.Accumulating much experience and customers in silicone rubber ,carbon fiber ,PMMA ,ABS,PC and PC composite materials’ forming. Most of our parts are Japan ,Taiwan,Switzerland brand.Using then best parts in the world to produce high quality machine. If interested,pls feel free to mail us for the details .Thanks
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Location: Guangdong·
Address: Humen,Dongguan,China
Contact person: Siwarde
TEL 76988499273
Zip: 523000
Website: http://www.gc-pharm.com/uhome-1945
Register Date: 2019-08-01
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