Product Details
Wheel Loader 856
Brand: LiuGong Specification: 856
Location Guangxi Pubdate: 2010-03-29
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Product Details

Bucket Capacity..........1.8~4.0m3
Rated Load..........5000kg
Rated Power..........160kw(215hp)@2200rpm
Operating Weight..........16800kg
The LiuGong CLG856 is a versatile and flexible production loader.
 It is excellent for loading trucks, feeding crushers, earthmoving and timber handling.
With its wide range of attachments and efficiency, the machine is built to handle the toughest operations.

Parameters for Entire Loader

Bucket capacity 3.0m3  
Rated Load 5000kg  
Lifting Time of Acting Arm (Full Load) ≤6.5s  
Sum of Three Items ≤11.5s  
Traction 160±5kN  
Max. Breakout Force (Rotating Bucket) 160±5kN  
Max. Climbing Gradient 30°  
Weight of Loader (with cab included) 16800±200kg  
Operating weight 16800kg

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Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co.,Ltd.
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Contact: Wang
Tel: 0772-3886127
City: Guangxi
Address: NO.1 Liutai Road, Liuzhou, Guangxi

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